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82% of successful business people, CEOs, M.Ds, Leaders, etc use HYPNOSIS to achieve their success and maintain it.

68% of people who have reduced weight, removed pain and anger, overcome stress and depression, chemical dependency, removed fears and phobias, increase confidence and break through barriers by using HYPNOSIS.


  • It is the transfer of thoughts and desire from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind made faster by scientific and simple process called HYPNOSIS.
  • Yes, very safe and you will be very happy with the results.

Unlocking Your Unique Potential!

Ludher Hypnotherapy & Counselling Clinic is dedicated to help you use the Power of Your Subconscious to lift you from where you are to where you want to be in all aspects of your life.

We are fully committed to your needs and strive to achieve the breakthrough in life that you deserve, unlocking the massive potential in you to live life to the fullest!

Call +6012-396 7174 or Whatsapp today and make the appointment. Don’t let life just fly by when you should be flying with it because it is your right to live the life of victory and purpose!


...he is truly a person who genuinely cares...

“…thank you so much Mr Ajit for your prayers that you sent to me and my family all these while. At times when faced with difficulties and problems, Mr Ajit had extended his counselling, advise and prayers. He even send his prayers to us and we felt peace and could get a good night rest. He is truly a person who genuinely cares and the best person to talk to when I gave in to uncertainties. Thank you so much Mr Ajit!”

...he provided sound and clear advice...

“…was going through a very tough patch and could not understand why everything was just going wrong. Depression had set in and I needed someone to assist me. I am so grateful to Ajit as not only did he go into my very being to clear blockages from childhood but also helped me by listening and providing sound and clear advice. Each session brought more clarity to me and I came out much calmer and more focused. Thank you very very much and have recommended you to my friends. Thank you again.”

...Mr. Ajit is an expert...

“…recovering from cancer does not just end at physical recovery. There were too much mental health recovery involved as well. Mr. Ajit is an expert in guiding on how to connect with mind body and soul. The deep connection and wonderful visualisation practice integration with effective breathing techniques helped to activate many self healing properties inside the body. Living with a fear for relapse which causes episodes of anxiety attacks that has now disappeared with increased self love and happiness. Ultimately my relationship with my body mind and soul has evolved ever since attending Mr. Ajit’s sessions.

...the mind healing journey...

“…as a single mother of two teenagers, my kids were very much hurt and affected while growing up in mentally abusive environment which then ended with divorce. Nothing hurts me more than seeing my own child refusing to study, retaliates and worst ended with hyperventilation and self inflicted hurt. I was devastated, sad and helpless at that point of time. I refused my kid to be treated with psychiatrist where drugs is prescribed without healing the pain and hurt that cause them. After some research, I found Ajit Ludher and engage for the mind healing to help us. We went through the mind healing journey for my kids together. Today, she has grown up more being more responsible for herself and her taking own initiatives to do her homework, she had shown enthusiasm in learning, taking care of herself and family. Both my kids are doing much better nowadays.

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Ludher Mind Body Healing Centre,

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Ludher Hypnotherapy & Counselling Clinic

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