What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words hypnosis and hypnotherapy? Images of a dark room and a swinging pendulum?

With general perceptions of this practice shrouded in assumptions, many people only know about hypnosis from movies or shows. These (as we know) often depict vague (and straight up inaccurate) versions of true situations for dramatic effect.

So, in the interest of clearing the air, here are several facts about hypnotherapy.

What is it and what can it do?

An altered state of attention, instigating a peak in concentration capacity, hypnosis is grounded in science. By using the power of the subconscious, people can change their lives, reprogram their minds and rediscover their inner selves. This can lead to being able to enjoy a variety of advantages.

Hypnotherapy is often sought by those dealing with ailments of the body or mind.

After being let down by conventional medicine, patients who are afflicted by illnesses and diseases like cancer, obesity and addiction, are often looking for other solutions that can help with pain and possibly even offer a cure.

Experienced hypnotherapists have, in many instances, achieved remarkable things, reducing the severity of diseases and sometimes eradicating symptoms altogether.

It’s not just for the sick though.

Hypnotherapy can also be of benefit to those who aren’t suffering from any sicknesses. The subconscious mind is a powerful tool that can be used to improve many other aspects of our lives.

It can eradicate common anxieties

We live in societies where we are often externally pressured to succeed. Mental and emotional issues can arise, including stress, anxiety, depression and sleep problems.

Hypnotherapy can help alleviate these psychological barriers. People who aren’t necessarily sick experience these sorts of problems all the time and it can be difficult to seek treatment and reach out for help in a world that often disregards such issues as minor dilemmas or even stigmatises those that experience them.

Unfortunately, many “minor” emotional triggers can often grow gradually and sometimes even lead to severe physical consequences in response to a person’s mental state.

Hypnotherapy can work to manage these, taking patients through an induction phase performed under safe and suitable conditions, in order to gradually identify and rectify issues found within the patient’s subconscious mind.

This can lead to all kinds of amazing accomplishments through slow and steady hypnotherapy sessions, breaking limited thinking, opening boundaries and increasing horizons with regards to wellbeing and holistic living. People have reported weight control and reduction, an increase in overall confidence in their daily lives, improved studies and concentration at work, enhanced physical and sports-related performance and a general sense of happiness.

Experience is needed

Of course, hypnosis is not nearly as effective without the proper guidance and controlled conditioning of experienced professionals. Hypnotherapists treat the emotional causes in systematic ways and, because hypnosis induces a state of intensified attention and receptiveness, there are multiple key points that should not be ignored so patients can be treated in ways that are as safe and controlled as possible.

Life comes with opportunities for betterment even if we do not see them. Events in our lives may affect our mental and emotional states in subtle as well as overt ways and this can block our perceptions and push us down into increasingly negative states. Hypnotherapy may be able to help with treating the sick but the downtrodden who are looking for ways to alleviate their invisible pains can benefit as well.


Ajit Ludher is dedicated to helping you use the Power of Your Subconscious to lift you from where you are to where you want to be in all aspects of your life.

A Specialist in Advanced Medical & Clinical Neurohypnotherapy, he is involved in Professional Counseling for Mental Health, Marital & Family Issues, Trauma/Crisis and is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (UK, US, AUS & MAL). He is also a Consultant for Global Doctors Specialist Hospitals & KPJ Group.

Ajit Ludher can be reached by phone at: +60123967174

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