Cancer could be called one of the defining ailments of our time. It severely affecting countless people worldwide. It’s so vicious and can spread so rapidly and cancer, as well as the emergence of many other modern-day diseases has reached catastrophic highs, with statistics indicating an exponential growth in numerous ailments ranging from diabetes to cancer and even high blood pressure and certain mental illnesses.

Fortunately, a variety of treatments are available and advances in medicine offer solutions to many chronic illnesses.

While treating a patient’s sick body, his or her mental aspect should also be taken into consideration.

You may have heard that cancer patients who struggle with severe depression are more likely to succumb to their illness. Ongoing stress and anxiety can sometimes even become a factor that leads to the development of specific cancers and major medical issues.

Tapping into a person’s thought processes in order to explore possible solutions and mechanisms can help improve or possibly even prevent diseases like cancer.

Healing traits of hypnotherapy

While there are many ways to explain the process of hypnosis, probably one of the simplest is that it is a focused state of attention. Patients are put into a highly relaxed physical and mental state. The mind is more alert, aware and open to suggestions. 

As a matter of fact, we all go into similar states every now and then. It’s a natural phenomenon we may encounter in our daily lives. Whenever we daydream or concentrate deeply on something, we tend to reach a state of mind that’s very similar to the one that hypnotherapists work with.

The effects experienced by cancer patients after undergoing hypnotherapy can vary. Factors such as the hypnotherapist involved, as well as the severity of each individual cancer case should all be considered. 

Hypnotherapy can be used to help patients relax and cope with cancer’s symptoms and treatments. Many people suffering from the disease seek alleviation from the pain brought on by the changes to their body.

Reports have also indicated that hypnosis can help reduce blood pressure, stress, anxiety and other factors associated with cancer. The mind and the body are connected, and hypnosis works with brainwave patterns to reinforce that connection. 

Hypnosis can be considered a multi-purpose tool, much like a Swiss army knife. It’s a tool aimed at ultimately providing real symptom control and facilitating improvement in the quality of patients’ lives.

Patients might report feeling better and recovering more quickly after hypnotherapy sessions. Some patients could even experience improvements that go beyond surface level management.

There is much to be said about the healing qualities stored within our own bodies. However, these healing qualities can become blocked through negative cognitive states. There’s a control panel within you that helps activate or disable many complex functions that affect your overall physical structure. Hypnotherapy can help unleash your inner potential and unlock your body’s natural healing mechanisms.


Ajit Ludher is dedicated to helping you use the Power of Your Subconscious to lift you from where you are to where you want to be in all aspects of your life.

A Specialist in Advanced Medical & Clinical Neurohypnotherapy, he is involved in Professional Counseling for Mental Health, Marital & Family Issues, Trauma/Crisis and is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (UK, US, AUS & MAL). He is also a Consultant for Global Doctors Specialist Hospitals & KPJ Group.

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