Addiction can range from the severe (like alcoholism or drug abuse) to even minor bad habits. These can spiral out of control. In Malaysia, people afflicted by addiction may find themselves relating addictive behaviour to lifestyle issues, problematic relationships and poor decisions.

Powerful psychological traits are associated with the development of addiction, and resolving these issues may prove difficult. Left unchecked, addictions can take over your life gradually and lead to unemployment, violence, and even suicide.

What is addiction?

Addiction is considered a complex condition. It can be described as a brain disease that’s manifested via compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli or triggers such as substance use or even certain activities.

Addicted individuals continue to consume or participate in their problematic habits despite harmful consequences. They gradually become more out of control, sometimes unaware of their spiral into the depths of addiction.

While drug and alcohol abuse are the most common types of addiction, many other triggers can be just as damaging if left unchecked. Parents (especially in Asian countries like Malaysia) are struggling to control their children’s addiction to video games. China has even established youth rehabilitation centres for game-addicted kids, and there are many cases in Korea of young players dying in cyber cafes from dehydration or exhaustion.

While substances instigate chemical alterations in the brain that lead to addiction, other activities have also been shown to release the same level of chemical changes in the mind. This is why you see people becoming severely addicted to sex, games, porn or other pleasurable things/activities.

Can hypnosis treat addiction?

Hypnotherapy has been used as a way to control and treat a variety of psychological difficulties. Treatment can include a combination of processes, evaluations and sessions and this form of therapy is often conducted by a trained and qualified professional who works with clients to tackle their problems at their roots.

Hypnotherapy can help reduce feelings of pain, depression, anxiety and fear. These exist along a spectrum of negative psychological emotions. Cancer patients, public speakers and many other people from different walks of life can use hypnotherapy to enhance self-development and reaffirm positive life changes.

Addiction can be treated with hypnosis through similar means. Addiction is a psychological attribute that affects and impacts the mind before transitioning to the physical body.

Hypnosis activates deep mental focus to identify, evaluate and solve underlying problems in the mind. A subject can become more open to/more receptive to suggestions than they might otherwise be. They can generally become more passive and compliant, and let the hypnotherapist access long-forgotten memories or associated triggers that relate to the addiction.

The main source of this therapy’s effectiveness lies in the process of helping people get in touch with their inner selves. It helps you explore elements of personal mastery, control and power. These can then be used to unlock long-term behaviour patterns that were once rigid and inflexible.

Hypnosis can profoundly improve and strengthen your willpower and mindset, helping you use your best judgement to overcome addictive urges and cravings.

Granted, hypnotherapy is a gradual process that may require a handful of sessions and plenty of time depending on the severity of the addiction and the condition of the patient. However, with the right attitude, determination, and more, anyone can overcome their addiction to anything.


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