Cause & Effect

The Great Masters throughout the ages have taught that if you want to experience happiness and enlightenment, it is important to align your thoughts in harmony with God or the Universe so you can use this Energy to work for you. 

If your thoughts and actions are out of alignment with the Source of Creation, the Source will work against you. It will eventually neutralize or destroy you unless you change your ways. Even Luke Skywalker in the movie Star Wars was told, “May the force be with you” and not to let his anger open him up to the dark side of the force.

If you swim in the direction the river is flowing, its energy assists you. However, if you swim upstream against the river’s flow, it is only a matter of time until you become exhausted drown. If you want to know how you can tell if your thoughts are in harmony with God or the Universe, ask yourself, “If I am always truthful, positive, and helping others, how far off can I be?”


Which side of the Cause & Effect equation are you on? Are you the cause in you life, or are you the effect of things in your life?

Health & Fitness?
Personal Growth?

Make a list of all the undesirable issues in your life and also those that could be improved.

E.g.: I have a serious wound in my body which is healing very slowly