The Founder

Ajit Ludher

{The State of The Mind Always Determines The State & Condition Of The Body & Our Lives}

Ajit is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Hypnoanalyst at an advanced level, dealing with curative & clinical therapy. He is recognised as an expert in his field & is a pioneer in this field for blending hypnotherapy, psychology, neuro‐ linguistics & hypnoanalysis to help his clients create positive, impactful & lasting changes in their personal & professional lives.

Ajit has his own private practice – Ludher Hypnotherapy & Counselling Clinic and is recognised by The Ministry Of Health as Alternative & Complementary Medical Therapist/Practitioner under the TCM act in Kuala Lumpur where he has successfully treated professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Police Officers, CEO’s, Teachers, Banking Managers & Leaders in several Service Industries.

He also has successfully worked with Students, Housewives, Nurses, and Individuals from various religious backgrounds. Ajit is also a Certified Counselor, Trainer and Interventor for Critical Incident Stress Management, Suicide Prevention, Intervention & Postvention, Group & Industrial Crisis Intervention, Individual Crisis Intervention and Peer Support as well as Trauma to Addictions Intervention from The University Of Maryland, Baltimore, U.S. as well as a member of The International Critical Incident Stress Foundation that worked on the 9/11 bombings, tsunamis, earthquakes amongst others throughout the world. Ajit has conducted clinics for The Malaysian Cancer Society, Cansurvive,The Malaysian Diabetic Society, Putra Specialist Centre as well as in Papua New Guinea, East Timur & Indonesia focusing on his specially created modules in his personal capacity. He has also conducted motivational clinics for Paradise Group Of Companies, IMS Asia (MSC status), Ambersoft (MSC status), Rotary International, Corporate Individuals as well as for journalists from Bernama through Manna Mahn Consultancy & has been continuously sought by individuals who value his work.

He is recognised by The Royal Society Of British Hypnotherapist, American Council Of Hypnotist Examiners & The American Board Of Hypnotherapy & NLP Examiners, the world body of hypnotherapy where he got his training as a Certified Advanced Clinical & Curative Hypnotherapist, Hypnoanalayst, Psychoanalayst, Presenter, Trainer, Motivator, Personal & Corporate Coach & Counselor. Ajit addressed issues & challenges successfully on Mental Health with organisations such as Gamuda Bhd, HSBC Bhd & Carhill Group amongst others.

Ajit’s main focus is in the medical field, working closely with doctors who are treating medical cases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, depression amongst others. He comes from a family of doctors who have a chain of clinics in KL & PJ & he wanted to be a doctor as well, but God had other plans for him. Ajit’s clients come from all over the world to be treated by him having being strongly recommended by his successfully treated clients & doctors. He also counsels the families of the affected clients on how to approach the challenge in a truly holistic manner. Ajit is also a visiting therapist to certain hospitals on adhoc basis & has been a practising clinical hypnotherapist & counselor since 2005. He has been interviewed by Bernama, NTV 7, Capital TV as well as NST, Star & has written several articles over the last one year for the Sun Media. Ajit’s passion is To Help People Have Quality Living….