Overview of Hypnosis

Transformation And Mind-Body Connection-Randall Churchill

Many scientific studies have surfaced documenting the mind body / body connection that is, the thoughts we think do significantly affect our bodies and the environment around us. A recent study and work done by a Japanese researcher, Masaru Imoto, suing Water as his medium and special photographic equipment show the power of thought to affect the molecular structure of water (the element that we ourselves are overwhelmingly comprised of). Emotes first discovered that the crystalline structure of water is different under various conditions and in different parts of the world. Pure, Pristine water from natural resources formed beautiful geometric designs, while polluted water from industrial water and polluted areas formed distorted and random crystalline structures. His experiments with music and thoughts also changed the form of water. Praying over polluted water, for example, altered the molecular structure to form more organized geometric designs.

“Perhaps the tradition that exists in so many cultures of saying a prayer or grace before meals is not mere ritual, but actually alters the energy of the food itself…The remarkable photos validate that what we think, feel and most of all, who we are being, shapes our reality all the time.
Hai Isen – Hypnotherapist / Co-author of “The Genesis Principle”

Value of A Hypnotic State of Mind

1. The Absolute Fixation of Attention
Entering the state of hypnosis involves gradually limiting the field of attention until a fully concentrated and narrowed focus is reached.

2. Hyper acuity of Senses within the Field of Attention
Numerous experiments on seeing, hearing, feeling, and other perceptive sensations show that such are much more accurate and active when attention is directed to them by suggestion in the hypnotic state. The intuitive powers are greatly enhanced, and deductions may be performed with remarkable accuracy.

3. Artificial Control of Reflexes and Subconscious Nervous Activity
By hypnotic suggestion the pulse rate may be altered, areas of the body anesthetized, menstrual periods regulated, time of child-birth determined, and other automatic bodily functions may be controlled.

4. Seeming Loss of Autonomy Resulting from Hypnosis
While hypnotized, the subject voluntarily limits his choice of actions. He perceives, experience sensations, and regulates his experience in relation to the suggestions that are presented to him. A suggestion accepted in the hypnotic state will be acted upon. The only condition in which the control of the operator fails is when suggestions counter to powerful emotionalized attitudes (value systems or moral principles) of the subject are given.

5. Susceptibility to Posthypnotic Influences
Suggestions given during hypnosis, for actions to be performed after the subject “awakens” (posthypnotic experience), will be performed if the subject is in hypnosis, and provided that these suggestions do not violate the conditions in No.4.

Misconceptions Of Hypnotism

  1. Hypnosis is caused by power of the hypnotist & he works miracles.
  2. Only certain kinds of people can be hypnotized.
  3. Once a person is under hypnosis, he can no longer resist it and surrenders his will.
  4. One can be hypnotized to say or do something against his her will.
  5. A person can become stuck in hypnosis or might not wake up from it.
  6. One must be relaxed in order to be in hypnosis.
  7. A person is asleep or unconscious when he is under hypnosis.
  8. Hypnosis may be used to accurately recall everything that has ever happened to you.
  9. A person under hypnosis will reveal secrets or will always tell the truth.
  10. Hypnosis is a satanic practice.
  11. Hypnosis will not work on highly intelligent people.